who am i?


I’m a Licensed Psychotherapist (FL/NY/GA) and the son of two. Also an actor, writer and musician. I take my work and my creative passions seriously. Life is meant to be lived.

I understand adversity, hard work and challenges. Clients come to me to get help to better their lives. Parenting, Trauma, Wellness, Relationships, Substance Abuse and Chronic Mental Health and Intervention,

I firmly believe clients have to talk about their deepest issues to get UNSTUCK. My job is to create a safe and nurturing environment for them to do so.

As a musician I have performed for over 25k people. As an actor I have been seen by over 200k and more to come. I have also appeared professionally on numerous TV shows and served as the script supervisor on The Mind of a Muderer Season 2 on Discovery ID.

I co-authored a parenting book w my mother Norma entitled You Can Say NO and Your Child Will Still Love You.